What God has revealed to us

From 1976 - 1977: My Journey to the Moon.

Back in 1976, I was living by then at  42 Owodunni st. Iwaya Yaba, Lagos Nigeria. It was here It all started for the first time 3.00 PM, I was all alone in a single room and I sat down on a sofa after coming back from the school. I was so tired that I fell asleep few minutes later.

Suddenly I saw a man who came to me and he pulled me to my feet and I followed as he walked toward the main door and onto the street in front of our house. Immediately we came out of the street, he disappeared and I became lighter and lighter like a paper and that was how I rose higher and higher till I got to the sky looking down on the people on our street and I went higher and higher till I got to the moon.

And there I met with other people who were there we were all floating around and they showed me the Earth and they said “can you see how dark the earth is” I replied yes, they continued: that is where you are coming from. You will go back to the earth but this is just to show you how  your world is covered with darkness, because your people have sinned against God. We will send you back today and will come for you again. I was sent back to the earth the same way I got there, just coming down gradually.

This event happened to me more 34 times in my life that I was so scared even to close my eyes in the day time talkless in the night.

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